Pub Quiz
Weekly Standings for 10/31/2018
1 The October Revshoelution 55*
U of I Don't Even 55
2 Bride of Pork Roll 53
3 Burger of the Month Human Polentapede Burger 52
Leaves Are Turning Medium Ochre 49
Plan H 49
Seaman Cumming to your Pumpkin Patch 48
Woman and Husband 45
Badgers Drift 39
Charlie's Shangelas 32
Vote! 22
Wonder Women 13
Me! 10
I Would Have Aced This Round my Arms Were Long Enough to Reach all the Answers 8
The Team who when they Showed Up Weren't Sure they Wanted to Play, then Decided to 6
Sound Plow 1
Professor Lone Star