Pub Quiz

Ever since the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices closed down I've been on the lookout for a new purpose to my life. I think I finally found it with Mystery Spot near Santa Cruz.

Evil Mr. Phil
If you had been at the cafe last night and answered this question first, you would have won a beer. Right now the only thing we have to give you is carpal tunnel, click below the question for a hint.
Evil Mr. Phil
1 Random Chaos 50
2 Awgawas 49.5
3 Fremdschämer 45.5
Tramplin in Filth 45.5
Holy Macabees 45
My Ass Is On Fire 43
University of Inwood Physical Education Dept. 43
Bunny Slipper... I Made It Out of Clay 40.5
10 Seamen Cumming 40
Rusty and Krusty Inc 35.5
Festivus Trivialis 34.5
Evil Mr. Phil
1 Who Dat Ninja? 50.5
2 Me & My Monkey 48.5
3 It's Always Bunny in Slipperdelphia 48
Gobble Gobble! The Turkey's Cumming, Seaman. 45.5
Random Chaos 45.5
The Birds of... Play? 39
University of Inwood School of Fine Arts 38.5
Plan C 36
Broken Escalator 34
Z Team 24
The Tigers 17
The Inwood Hill Toppers 15
E VDA 11
Evil Mr. Phil

With January rapidly approaching, we have to begin our search for a replacement quizmaster.

I'll be expatriating in January, and I'll be MIA from the quiz until some time in August... barring my being deported from France at an earlier date. The Evil Mr. Phil will need a new co-host, and maybe you can fit the bill?

We've got a form set up right over here, and you can sign up to try your hand at quizmastery. At the end of the month we'll have a vote from all the players and we'll crown a new quizmaster.

Dr. Jordan

In my travels across the Internet I recently stumbled across this helpful rap music video for those who are having trouble using the Google help pages.

Evil Mr. Phil
I originally wrote this for a very special wedding pub quiz, but it seemed too morbid.
Evil Mr. Phil

That's right, Boney M.

According to this list of best selling artists, while we've been sitting around at the IRC Pub Quiz answering goofy questions and chugging beer, this band has been getting it done.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Who Dat Ninja? 52
2 Random Chaos 49.5
3 It's Always Bunny in Slipperdelphia 49
Henry the Horse 43.5
Gobble Gobble! The Turkey's Cumming, Seaman. 43
The Manifesto 41.5
University of Inwood School of Fine Arts 41
Affirmative Action 39.5
The Birds of... Play? 35.5
Cloitis Trivialis 34.5
Plan C 29
Centennial Expedition 28
Shariel 20
Evil Mr. Phil
Whilst looking at my archive, I found the first Pint on Us question I ever did. Ah... memories (of beer). Figured I'd throw it up for gits and shiggles.
Dr. Jordan