Pub Quiz
1 Back to Shoe 52
2 Burger of the Month: I Only Have Fries for You Burger 51
3 TGI Pork Roll 50
Dust Farters 47
Mediocre is Not Mediocre 46
Plan H of Aquarius 46
Woman & Husband 45
U of I Don't Care 43
Seaman and Cumming Back to School 39
Dr. Jordan

Today's hint comes to you in visual format and is also the oldest known photo of the Evil Mr. Phil, shown here on his morning commute:

The Sadieist
1 U of I Don't Care 59
2 Burger of the Month: I Only Have Fries for You Burger 58.5
3 Plan H of Aquarius 56
TGI Pork Roll 55
Back to Shoe 54
Stroke of Genius 54
Seaman and Cumming Back to School 46
Mediocre is Not Mediocre 43
Woman & Husband 41
The Honey Butters 39
Skillz That Kill(z) 31
Evil Mr. Phil

Hello, Sweetie.

You say you want a hint this week?



Tonight we will be harkening back to our generosity during Hurricane Harvey and holding a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Florence. Please bring your wallets and Venmo accounts, and for every $100 we raise we will give tonight's teams a bonus point!

For reference, the fund we will be donating to is the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund

See you tonight!

Professor Lone Star
1 Mediocre is Not Mediocre 55
2 Back to Shoe 52
3 Burger of the Month: I Only Have Fries for You Burger 51
U of I Don't Care 51
TGI Pork Roll 47
A Bag of Clams 46
Woman & Husband 45
The Manifesto 44
Seaman and Cumming Back to School 43
Plan H of Aquarius 41
Tremendously Wet 36
Byrdes of the Ozarks 30
Niclala 21
Evil Mr. Phil

I wonder if Katie Fitzgerald and Sarah Bryant look like Rosie the Riveter?

Remember: This is the second Wednesday of the month, and therefore it is "Bring Us Your Cans Night." Teams who bring 1 nonperishable food item per team member, get an extra point from Mary O'Shag. The donations go to the Good Shepherd Food Pantry. (No expired food, please.)

Mary O'Shag
1 Back to Shoe 55*
TGI Pork Roll 55
2 Stroke of Genius 50
U of I Don't Care 50
3 Burger of the Month: I Only Have Fries for You Burger 48
Mediocre is Not Mediocre 48
Seaman and Cumming Back to School 47
Plan H of Aquarius 45
Guys With Cats 38
Woman & Husband 36
Gene's Hairy Mole 28
Sunrise 13
Dr. Jordan

No, it's not the Thrilla in Manila or the Rumble in the Jungle... it's the Match of the Century!

Dr. Jordan
1 Augustus Mediocritus Caesar 57
2 Burger of the Month: Itsy Bitsy Teeny weeny Yellow Polka Dot Zucchini Burger 55
3 August Shoes: My Dog Days Are Barking 54
Cool & Refreshing Pork Roll 53
Seaman Cumming to Man A Fort 52
Mahna Mahna 51
Plan H 48
Woman & Husband 45
A Stroke of Genius 38
McMillan & Wife 34
Redacted 33
Evil Mr. Phil

We've got an exciting quiz planned for you tonight, at the end of which we'll announce our monthly winners!

To get you in the mood, here's a 5 second video set to loop. (If it doesn't loop, you can get the same affect by hitting play each time it finishes.)

See you tonight!

Evil Mr. Phil