Pub Quiz

In a trivia first, maybe? the hint comes to you this week in comic form.

The Sadieist
1 Declaration of Mediocrity 54
2 Red Flip-Flops 53
3 University of Inwood Truancy Office 51
Michael Douglas as Liberace 44
Plan H 41.5
Woman & Husband 41.5
Pork Roll: Sweating Like the Pig It Was 31
Dr. Jordan

What's better than ten days in a madhouse? Probably beating Phileas Fogg by almost that many days.

Dr. Jordan
1 University of Inwood Truancy Office 58
2 Declaration of Mediocrity 57
Red Flip-Flops 57
Woman & Husband 57
3 Plan H 51
Seaming Cumming to Support NATO 48
Any Questions? 38
Tired 29
Evil Mr. Phil

I heard a rumor that OJ might be in attendance at tonight's quiz, so we're going to be focusing a lot on Billy Joel, including a band he formed in 1969 with Jon Small. The band might not have produced good music, but they certainly produced an epic album cover.

Please look it up and be ready for a rockin' quiz tonight.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 In The Gutter 55
2 University of Inwood Truancy Office 54
3 Pork Roll: Sweating Like the Pig It Was 49
Woman & Husband 49
Declaration of Mediocrity 47
Seaming Cumming to Support NATO 40
Plan H 39
R + D 27
Tequila Mockingbird 27
Our Excuse Is That We Missed Round #1 20
Evil Mr. Phil

Gaspard Gustave Coriolis is one of the 72 scientists with their names inscribed on the Eiffel Tower, but as far as I can tell all his writing seemed to be about billiards. It started subtly with "principle of kinetic energy in the relative motion in machines" and "on the equations of relative motion of a system of bodies", but then he just came right out with it: "Mathematical theory of spin, friction, and collision in the game of billiards".

Speaking of coming right out with it, we're going to be collecting canned goods and other non-perishable food items tonight at the quiz. Our very own Mary O'Shag will be present and she will want to see your cans. Any team whose members all bring donations will receive an entire bonus point added to their score for the night.

Evil Mr. Phil
1 Declaration of Mediocrity 47
2 Woman & Husband 46
3 Plan H 45.5
Pork Roll: Sweating Like the Pig It Was 45
Pollo Loco 36.5
In The Gutter 36
Winnie the Brew 27
Team Dunning Kruger 24
RAV 20
Gus & Mace 19.5
Two Musketeers 17.5
Willie 13.5
Steffanie 8
Dr. Jordan

Happy Independence Day, USA. Not elsewhere.

Dr. Jordan
1 Mediocrity Pride Month 53
2 University of Inwood Solstice Cycle Class 52
3 Burger of the Month I'm Too Old for This Shishito Burger 49
Pork Rock and Rolla 46
The Red Junes 46
Seaman Cumming in Third Place 44
A Chaos Most Random 42
Plan H 42
Woman & Husband 42
The Fab 5 27
Evil Mr. Phil